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Memories of Magic: Gordeeva & Grinkov


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- Great Pairs -

I have always been fascinated by figure skaters - pairs in particular - and have always wondered how two people, alone on a huge sheet of ice, could transform impossible fetes of athleticism into moments that entertain us, awe us, seduce us and make us wish time could stand still.

In no other sport, have we been so magically drawn to sit breathlessly in anticipation of every move and celebrate the beauty of a sport so completely.

I dedicate this site to the beauty, power and magic of pairs - figure skating and ice dancing - and, in particular, to the everlasting memory of the amazing technical skill, musical interpretation, loyalty, devotion and, most of all, great love, we were allowed to witness in the pair team of Gordeeva and Grinkov.

May G&G live in our hearts and memories forever, and may they be an inspiration and motivation to all pair teams yet to come!






Two-time Olympic Gold Medal winners, four-time World Champions, three-time European Champions, two-time National Champions; Gordeeva & Grinkov; G&G; Sergei & Katia, this pair was a team both on and off the ice. The world watched in awe as the two blossomed from youngsters into adulthood, their talent far surpassing all other pairs and we watched them win nearly every competition they entered. From the very beginning, there was something about G&G that made them stand out and the world fell in love with them and watched joyfully as they fell in love with each other. They married in April of 1991, their daughter, Daria, was born on September 11, 1992, and we believed they would live happily ever after. The story's ending changed, however, on November 20, 1995, when Sergei collapsed, and died of a heart attack while practicing with his wife. We can only take comfort in knowing he was doing what he loved best and was in the arms of his beloved Katia when he left this world.

His legacy will never be forgotten.


Gordeeva & Grinkov




Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze





This two-time World Champion pair team and the 1998 Olympic Silver medalists in pairs figure skating, Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze have risen, against incredible odds, to become today's premier skating team. Known for their classical 'Russian' style and brilliant technique, they have often been referred to as the 'next G&G'. Their story captured the hearts of fans around the world and we look forward eagerly to see where their talent and expertise will lead them.

Their 2002 Winter Olympic programs were filled with beauty, artistry, grace... and controversy. Initially winning a Gold Medal over the Canadians, a controversial judging fiasco had the world screaming 'unfair' and after a week of intense public scrutiny, it was decided a second Gold medal would be given to the Canadian Team of Salé and Pelletier.

Retiring from competitive skating, after the Olympics, they joined Stars on Ice in 2002.


Canada's newest pair team, Jamie and David have taken the world by storm. Single skaters, until they were paired in 1998, they bring joy, athleticism, passion and playfulness to the ice and more than hold their own against the other premier pair teams. Having won numerous medals in the past three seasons, they look forward to the 2002 Olympics with optimism. Not since Gordeeva and Grinkov, have I seen a pair so 'connected' on the ice.

With a flawless Long Program performance at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, that had the audience enthralled and the commentators declaring them Gold Medal winners, the other half of the pairs team embroiled by the judging controversy had this team wondering if their Gold Medal performance would be awarded as such, or they would keep their Silver Medals. Days later, they would be given Gold Medals, sharing the top award with the Russian Pair Team of Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze.

They officially announced their retirement from eligibility, joining the pro ranks of Stars on Ice in 2002.


Sale & Pelletier



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Note: In no way do I take personal credit for any of the beautiful photographs found on my site. When available, the photographer's name has been placed on the picture to designate copyright. On the photographs without the artist's name, anyone with knowledge as to whom to credit, please let me know and I will label the picture immediately.

My sincere thanks to the photographers who have shown us beauty in motion, grace in athleticism and saved moments in history for future generations.