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Memories of Magic: Gordeeva & Grinkov


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Canada's newest pair team, Jamie and David have taken the world by storm. Single skaters, until they were paired in 1998, they bring joy, athleticism, passion and playfulness to the ice and more than hold their own against the other premier pair teams. Having won numerous medals in the past two seasons, they look forward to the 2002 Olympics with optimism. Not since Gordeeva and Grinkov, have I seen a pair so 'connected' on the ice, and I, for one, would love to see this pair wearing Gold in Salt Lake City!**






**Well... they won their Olympic Gold Medal, but not without a fight. First, instead of using their new program - Orchid - they went with their long program from the previous season, Love Story, and skated it perfectly. The Russians, B&S, skated their new long program, Meditation from Thais, anything but perfectly, and from there things went crazy. With the crowd, and the commentators, all believing S&P had far outskated B&S, disbelief reigned as the Russians were announced the winners. Controversy once again took center ice as judging was scrutinized and found filled with problems. Rumors of 'deals' being made and trade-offs in the works had Gold Medals being handed out to both the Canadians and Russians, judges being suspended and the whole judging procedure being revamped. Only time will tell if anything actually changes, but regardless, Jamie and David got their Gold Medals!



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