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Memories of Magic: Gordeeva & Grinkov


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Memories of Magic: Gordeeva & Grinkov


2-Time Olympic Pairs Champions, 4-Time World Pairs Champions, 3-Time European Pairs Champions, friends, lovers, partners on - and off - the ice, and soul-mates. These two incredible skaters have left their mark in the skating history books and in the hearts of their fans. Despite the passage of time, G&G's memory shines brightly, and their fans continue to share their love and enthusiasm with each other, comparing each new pair in the skating world with this magnificent duo, and not surprisingly finding them all missing the mark.

Whatever it was that made us fall in love with G&G still holds true. Time may have passed since that fateful November 20, 1995, when we lost Sergei and the team of G&G, but we still look back on their memory with awe, deep admiration and a gratefulness that we were allowed to witness the creation, and metamorphosis, of perhaps the greatest pair team in figure skating history.

I invite you to share in the magic that was Gordeeva and Grinkov...

I promise... you will never forget them!




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