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Memories of Magic: Gordeeva & Grinkov


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October 23, 2006...


As the new skating season draws near (finally!), the following is an unnecessary reminder of the greatness of G&G. Almost eleven years after the death of Sergei Grinkov, I have yet to find another team who meets, let alone exceeds, all they were, on and off the ice. May their beauty, elegance and incredible talent be remembered always!

To G&G fans around the world, I give you the chance to remember the magic that was G&G!





Simply the Best
The song playing in the background, is none other than Tina Turner, singing, very appropriately "Simply the Best". Which G&G were... simply the best!



Welcome to Romance on the Ice...

Having long been a fan of figure skating - and pairs figure skating in particular - I find myself both envious and in awe of the beautiful, artistic and athletic abilities these skaters share with us each time they step onto the ice, and like many, have wept as we lost some of the best skaters in the world. To have simply viewed the magic created by pair teams lead me to create this web site to celebrate the perfection, beauty and wonder of some of figure skatings best.

Despite the amazing teams on the ice today, I don't know of any who equal, let alone surpass, the phenominal talent of GORDEEVA & GRINKOV (my personal favorite pair team). And so you will also find pages celebrating their career. I hope you will join me in remembering the magic, beauty and wonder we experienced in this couple, both on and off the ice. Despite the passage of time, I still miss their skating and often find myself wondering 'what if'. For those of you who know their story; I'm sure you understand my thinking, and for those of you yet to experience the magic of G&G, I invite you become acquainted with the most spectacular pair team of all time (in my personal opinion)!

To the fans of Gordeeva & Grinkov: may the memories of their love, and happiness for each other, and for skating forever bring a smile to your heart, and may their joy on the ice and artistic achievement be an inspiration to us all!

G&G - your magic will live on in our memories, and our hearts, forever!

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit!



News & Updates:



For those of you who have been following my writing (and encouraging me to write faster), I hope you will be happy to hear I have two stories in the works.

I am busy working on another 'skating romance', plus I am working on a romance story with a different subject matter (but just as much fun!). Suffice it to say I'm having a wonderful time with both stories and only wish I had time to write full-time. (Anyone with suggestions as to how to get my family to leave me alone and become self-sufficient so I can write all day will be taken under consideration!)

For those interested, I will shortly post the chapters I have completed on both books so far and look forward to feedback from and (and all) who would like to share their thoughts on my work.

Again, my sincere thanks to those of you following my stories and so graciously lending your encouragement and support.





God Bless America